At Home in Connecticut with Susanna Salk and Alexandra Champalimaud

August 2014

Award winning designer Alexandra Champalimaud not only brings a wealth of knowledge and international experience to every project she touches but a sixth sense. Whether a luxury hotel in China or Japan, a charming inn in the Hamptons or a spa in rural Connecticut, she intuitively knows how to connect a specific sense of place with extraordinary style. For Alexandra, it’s all about the story. And hers is a very special one. Born and raised in Lisbon, she left during Portugal’s 1974 military coup and moved to Montreal where she raised her children as a single mother while establishing her eponymous firm 30 years ago. Now with her company located in New York, she continues to grow and have prestigious projects around the world. And yet in meeting her, she is down to earth, funny and wise. Join us for a video visit with the talented designer at her historic home in Litchfield, Connecticut.

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