The Top 10 Table Lamps

March 2015

Designers Alexandra Champalimaud and Alex Papachrisidis shed lights on these decorative powerhouses, which perform even when they're not turned on

Table lamps occupy a rare spot in a decorator's toolbox. They're generally not large enough to count as furniture, but their functional nature makes them more crutial to a room's design than a purely decorative object. They become part of the bones of a room, playing a critical role in the overall scheme, but can be moved or tweaked on a whim - with a new shade or finial - to freshen up a space.

"Decorating is an expensive luxury," says Alex Papachristidis, "so you want pieces that are timeless but that also work for today. Table lamps give you flexibility and add to that interesting clash I adore, when disparate items are mixed together to create something contemporary and stylish."

"You experience a table lamp from so many angles, not just head-on," says designer Alexandra Champalimaud. "The best ones have character and punctuate or balance a space. They're a great way to bring color, materials, scale, and a subtle sense of architecture into a room."