Waldorf Astoria

Chengdu, China

For a greatly anticipated renovation of the flagship Waldorf=Astoria, New York City's first luxury hotel, Champalimaud drew inspiration from its brilliant Art Deco origins. This 1,416-room hotel has been a social hub for an elite clientele since it replaced its 1890s predecessor and opened in 1931.

As a first phase of a multi-year renovation, Champalimaud restored the historic Park Avenue Lobby by removing a later balcony addition and revealing the grand windows overlooking Park Avenue.  Classic architectural and lighting elements brought warmth back into this grand lobby, illuminating the original floor mosaic and wall murals by Louis Rigal. 

Furnishings and Champalimaud-designed light fixtures echo the original Art Deco style, and Lalique-inspired "coutard" pattern light panels give the space a warm glow.  Signature plaster surfaces and bas-relief textures by Champalimaud grace the walls, respectfully honoring the property's elegant original craftsmanship.